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Gottman Assessment

Below are links to the nine Gottman Core Assessment Questionnaires, please print them up and fill them out before you come to see me.

Gottman Core Assessment Questionnaires

1. Locke-Wallace Relationship Adjustment Test
2. Weiss-Cerretto Relationship Status Inventory
3. The Sound Relationship House Assessment Questionnaires (5-item Scale)
  • Love Maps
  • Fondness and Admiration System
  • Turning Towards or Away
  • Negative Sentiment Override
  • Harsh Startup
  • Accepting Influence
  • Repair Attempts
  • Compromise
  • Gridlock on Perpetual Issues
  • The Four Horsemen
  • Flooding
  • Emotional Disengagement and Loneliness
  • Quality of Sex, Romance, and Passion in the Relationship*
  • Shared Meanings Questionnaire (Rituals, Goals, Roles, Symbols)
  • Trust*
  • Commitment*
4. The Gottman 19 Areas Checklist for Solvable and Perpetual Problems
5. The Three “Detour” Scales
6. Gottman Emotional Abuse Questionnaire (EAQ)
7. Control, Fear, Suicide Potential and Acts of Physical Aggression Questionnaire
8. SCL-90
9. CAGE AID and b-MAST

*Full length questionnaires